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Cleanadent Liquid Crystals is the only soak cleanser that instantly kills pathogens like Candida, Strep, Staph and Actinomyces on all removable oral appliances out the use of harsh chemicals like bleach or chlorine. These pathogens are highly prevalent on oral appliances and are the leading causes of Oral Thrush, Stomatitis and Pneumonia. Anyone with an oral appliance is at a high risk of infection and should maintain a good daily oral hygiene routine. Cleanadent Liquid Crystals helps eliminate odor, remove heavy stains and disinfect appliances. Ideal for Dentures, Partials, Retainers, Aligners, Sleep Apnea Devices, Snoring Appliances, Mouth and Night Guards.

Major brand cleansers only claim to kill “Odor-Causing” bacteria but do nothing against disease-causing pathogens like Candida, Strep and Staph. There really is no comparison. The Cleanadent™ Liquid Crystals Professional Strength Soak Cleanser is superior in every way.

For best results, we recommend using the Dr. B SONIC CLEANER with Cleanadent Liquid Crystals. Our Sonic Cleaner is the perfect compliment to the Crystals as it uses high-frequency sonic waves to help loosen debris, and help the cleanser penetrate on a microscopic level. Visit our Cleaning Tips page to learn the best ways how to keep your dentures, nightguards, sportsguards, retainers, and snoring devices clean and disinfected.

-Disinfects Disease-Causing Pathogens like Candida Albicans, Actimoyces Viscosus, Staphylococcus, Streptococus Mutans and Streptococus pyogenes
-Helps Remove Tough Stains, Eliminate Odors & Prevent Infections
-Gently Cleans with No Bleaching, Discoloration or Damage
-Unique & Easy-To-Use Pump Dispensing Mechanism
-More Powerful Than Powder or Tablets
-Economical – 45 Cleanings per 12oz Bottle